iKOU De-Tox Lemon & Juniperberry Bath Soak

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100% Pure Ingredients! Aromatherapy Bath Soak. The Japanese have made an arr of bathing, For centuries, outdoor Japanese hot springs, or "Onsens" have been a customary ritual. soaking in the geo-thermal and mineral rich water remains a quintessential Japanese experience. iKOU hand blended formula of mineral rich Salts and Extracts is designed to Clarify and Cleanse, Essential oils including Juniper, Fennel and Lemon are added to refresh and tone the skin, and promote a feeling of all-over healthiness. iKOU De-Tox bath soak can be beneficial for tired minds and bodies, to kickstart a new, energetic you!

Ingredients - Epsom Salts (Magnesium sulphate), Water Washed Coarse Sea Salt. Essential oils : Lemon, White Garpefruit, May Chang, Fennel and Juniperberry.

Australian Made




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