Diorama 3D Carousel Christmas Tree Ornament Finished In 18K Gold

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This delightful Horse Carousel will make your Christmas dreams come true . This Christmas Horse carousel has all the elements of the original carnivals. The horse has a golden mane and tail with a colourful saddle and bridle.   With gorgeous filigree scroll work around the top of the carousel. You will truly fall in love with this 18k gold plated Christmas ornament. 

 The 3D Diorama element of this piece is the white horse in the front. This 18K Gold finished over brass Christmas ornament  comes with a little gift card inside allowing you to write a private message or seasons greeting and a superb gift box. FREE SHIPPING

6.5 cm wide x  6.5 cm tall x 1.5 cm deep. With box  10 cm x 3 cm deep

Stunning & creative Christmas ornaments, are made in solid brass, etched, cut and decorated with remarkable detail, using a rich colour palette of deep burgundy, sapphire blue & emerald green. Each element is thoughtfully designed and skillfully put together by hand to bring a Christmas scene to life, in 3D. Finished in 18K gold plating, these Christmas ornaments are differentiated and make heirloom quality collectible keepsakes, or gifts for generations to enjoy.

One of the best parts of the holidays is dressing up your home with decorations. The deva Australia ADORNMENTS range of three-dimensional, diorama ornaments seek to capture the joy and festivity of Christmas scenes so that you can Feel the Cheer! Wherever you put them.

Inspired by the old technique of creating dioramas or miniature models to depict scenes ( which started in the late 19th century in Europe), and combining it with the grandeur of Christmas tradition and fun. Designs in this series of ADORNMENTS , range from nostalgic to modern.

Designed in Australia and made with great care, using high quality materials -very much a hallmark of all deva Australia products. Each piece bears the deva Australia stamp to authenticate, that you are purchasing the original product and comes presented in an elegant presentation box. These ornaments are well packaged, light weight and easy to send.

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