Snowman White Flurry Mesh Outdoor LED Light Up Christmas Display

Snowman White Flurry Outdoor LED Light Up Christmas Display

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White Flurry is the show stopper Christmas display you were looking for! He will light up your lawn in and add magic to any Christmas. At an eye catching 120 cm Flurry's is made of  white mesh with masses of beautiful lights inside, the snowman he will look stunning in an outdoor or indoor Christmas display. He comes holding a red wrapped present with a green bow. A warm red scarf with a pine twig in his hat. 120 cm High. 70 cool white LED lights. Outdoor power adaptor. Wire, plastic, mesh. Pre-Order now so you don't miss out. Delivery September 2022.  Lay-by welcome, 8 week terms will be wavered. Payment due before delivery

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