Victorian Marine Brass Telescope

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Very Steampunk esq, the brass barrel of the telescope is leather bound with beautiful scroll work patterns and stitched with thick black thread up one side. Pulls out to a length of a impressive 48 cm with spectacular magnification. Comes in a wooden box with glass lid giving telescope history on the lid. 

Although a Dutch Optician probably designed the first telescope. It was Galileo who turned it rigorously on the heaven in the early 17th Century. Galileo used a refracting telescope (top) with a convex lens at the front and a con ve lens at the viewing end. The 18th century refracting telescope (middle) produced images that were blurred because the difference indexes of its combined lenses. The bottom scope is a refracting Telescope. which used two mirrors and an eye piece lens a setup that eliminates the problems of long viewing lubes and colour distortion.  The Victorian Marine Telescope is modified for best viewing

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