Triominos Delux The Original Family Game

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From the makers of Rummikub and Mastermind. Triominos adds a whole dimension to dominoes, creating extra strategy, extra play, and extra fun! On each turn, players match a tile to one that's already in play, earning bonus points for special moves like matching all three sides. It's a fast moving game that's easy to learn and great for players of all ages.  2-4 players ages 7 and up. With real size tiles.  By Pressman since 1922

How to Play - 

  • Be the first player to score 400 points.
  • Place all Tri-Ominos face down and mix them up.
  • Playing with two players? Each player will take 9 Tri-Omino tiles and place them in their tray or “hand”.
  • Playing with 3 or 4 players? Each player will take 7 Tri-Omino tiles each. Make sure to make sure you don't show your tiles.
    • Designate who will be the scorekeeper and have them write each player’s name down on piece of paper with enough room to add and subtract points throughout the game rounds.
    • The player with the highest number Tri-Omino starts the round by placing it face up on the table. If they can play a Tri-Omino with three of the same number they will earn 10 bonus points.
    • Points are calculated by the total of the three numbers on the Tri-Omino played.

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