Nine Man's Morris Wooden Travel Game

Nine Man's Morris Wooden Travel Game

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Nine Man's Morris is an exciting game for 2 players and clever combinations will lead to success! The easy to pack travel game is perfect to take on that next camping trip. Wooden case with green felt inlay and gold and sliver playing pieces. 9.5 cm long x 9 cm wide. 19cm when full length. By house of Marbles

Each player has nine pieces of opposite colours. Players draw to decide who moves first. In the first phase of the game- laying the nine pieces on the board- the players take turns to place their pieces on empty points of intersection or corners in a row. Any player who successfully makes a 'mill' or three in a row (not diagonal) may then remove an opponent's piece. You may not remove pieces from a 'mill' unless there are no other pieces available on the board. When all the pieces have been laid each can be moved  along the lines to the next empty point.

The aim is still to form 'mills' and to prevent the other player from doing so. When a player has only three pieces left he may jump to any point on the board provided it is unoccupied. The winner is the player who manages to reduce the number of his opponent pieces to two, or block the playing board up so that his opponent can no longer move. 

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