Moonlight On Spring River Musical Rotating Snow Water Globe

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A beautifully rich red and gold base showing dragons and raised gold motifs with black edging on  the bottom and top of the base. Inside this Chinese inspired musical water globe is a old fashioned type of Lute with Chinese symbols  written in gold on a red back ground. With its own blower system there is no need to shake, just wind the key on the base and watch as the instrument with Lotus lily's inside slowly rotates whist the tune "Moonlit Night On Spring River" (with a Sankyo Movement) plays and glitter swirls around globe making this truly magical! 

15 cm tall x 10 cm wide 

The tune "Moonlit Night On Spring River was rearranged  in 1925 by two musicians in Shanghai into a Chinese national orchestra which was named after a famous Chinese Poem by Chang Jo-hsü; who was born (660 -720) in the Tang dynasty.  "Moonlit Night On Spring River is one of the most unique and influential Tang Poems, which has inspired numerous later artworks.



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