Ludo Wooden Travel Set Game

Ludo Wooden Travel Set Game

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This set is perfect for your next holiday. Go old school, ditch the electronics and get back to one on one fun! Lovely wooden travel set totally secure if playing in the car as each piece fits snugly onto slots. By House Marbles

The game of Ludo requires luck and cleaver tactics that lead to victory! An entertaining game for 4 persons, but can be played by 2.  Each person has four playing pieces of a particular colour.

At the beginning of the game, each player's four tokens are out of play and staged in the player's yard (one of the large corner areas of the board in the player's colour). When able to, the players will enter their tokens one per turn on their respective starting squares, and proceed to race them clockwise around the board along the game track (the path of squares not part of any player's home column). When reaching the square below his home column, a player continues by moving tokens up the column to the finishing square. The rolls of a single dice controls the swiftness of the tokens, and entry to the finishing square requires a precise roll from the player. The first to bring all their tokens to the finish wins the game. The others often continue to play to determine second-, third-, and fourth-place finishers.

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