Lucinda Eldin Woodland Elf Bushy Evergreen 80 cm Limited Edition Christmas 2022

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Bushy Evergreen number two is a adorable woodland elf. He is  quirky, kind and a friend to all animals in the forest where he lives. Bushy Evergreen is part of the exclusive Lucinda Eldin range. Bushy is a wonderful elf who works hard in the woodlands and forests gathering materials to make toys for all the children. Bushy Evergreen was the name of the elf from part of the 2021 collection of Lucinda Eldin but our 2022 version has a very different face and clothing. Dressed in a very smart jacket with lots of foliage and berries, same with the shoes. He will become your Favorite 2022 Elf! PRE-ORDER now for SEPTEMBER 2022 delivery.  Lay-by welcome, 12 week terms will be wavered. Payment due before delivery FREE SHIPPING

This adorable limited edition elf is from the 2022 Lucinda Eldin woodland collection. Bushy Evergreen is a movable , 80 cm elf who will look great in any display. 80 cm High x 25 cm Wide. Limited edition certificate. Poseable. Resin and hand finished fabrics

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