Gothic Love - Black Agate and Sterling Silver Choker

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One of our more popular necklaces, this one looks great on anyone and sits loosely around the neck to give a choker look without it being too tight. Can be made to order if you require a looser fit. Solid back agate love heart and black agate rounds with sterling silver pieces between each stone. The clasp is also a love heart in sterling silver .925 toggle design. Its really does look stunning on! Made by Moondit Designs and is presented in a very luxuries wooden and leather box.

 40 cm full length. Agate heart size is 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm at the widest part.

Onyx Healing properties - Onyx works on the psyche, deflecting negative energy, increasing the wearer's stamina, and giving a person inner harmony.  It promotes self confidence and a sense of responsibility, helping the possessor archive success. 

Onyx is particularly effective on the skin, healing infected wounds as well as fungal infections, inflammation and even sunburn. 

Magical properties- It is used as a magic stone all over the world. Its power is futher increased by magic inscriptions, as found in the graves of American Indians, ancient Greeks and Romans. 

Onyx has a positive influence on Capricorns 

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