Golden Fleece Petrol Pump

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Classic Golden Fleece look Petrol Pump or Bowser with compartment inside. Each pump is  hand painted and soldered so each piece is slightly different making each a little bit unique. Perfect gift for home this looks fantastic as a display piece having said that kids will also love the petrol pump it will look very cool and holds small items inside. FREE SHIPPING, Free Gift Wrapping  

46 cm tall x 12 cm wide  x 8 cm

 Golden Fleece was an Australian brand of petroleum products and service stations operated by H.C. Sleigh and Company. A partnership was founded in  Melbourne, Australia in 1893. The first Golden Fleece pump being installed in 1920. Golden Fleece was a pioneer of single-branded service stations (as opposed to the more common multi-brand offerings of the era), and its distinctive "golden merino" trademark was soon a common sight for Australian motorists. Golden Fleece was acquired by Caltex in 1981.

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