Elfling Dew Drops Musical Rotating Glitter/Snow Water Globe

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Showing a small Elfling catching magical dew drops from the large Arum Lilies into a smaller lily in the early morning light. Sitting on the giant leaves in a grassy meadow dressed in a mustard tunic and green pants and hat with lovely gossamer wings stretched out behind him.  Playing the beautiful tune (Spring) by Vivaldi, wind the mechanism on the base and watch while the inside rotates, the music plays and the glitter swirls around the globe with its very own blower system. The quality of this glitter/snow globe is the best you can own with a Sankyo movement inside a ceramic base decorated with lilies. The details of the elf's face is incredible. This will be a piece you will love for years. 

16.5 cm tall x 10 cm wide 


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