Egyptian Myths and Legends Pyramid Keep Sake Box - By Veronese

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Very detailed Egyptian Pyramid from the Original Verse and Art Collection by Veronese 2002.

Each side shows a different scene, entrance to the pyramid , statues of Egyptian gods, warriors and final side showing the Eye of Horus on side.  Lovely black felt inside to keep special items in.

9 cm high and 10 cm wide

Pyramids-  The stairway to heaven.   More than 80 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt. Most of them were built as royal tombs during the Old and Middle Kingdom. Although it is still a mystery why the Egyptians built the tomb that way, but it was believed that it might have meant as a staircase for the dead king's soul to climb up to heaven and join the sun and stars. The pyramid, like the obelisk, had a strong influence on later architects all over the world.

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