Cream And Gold Floating Diamagnetism Brass Compass

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A elegant rose wood burgundy felt lined box holds this detailed accurate and easy to read cream background with gold and black pointed floating compass, Perfect for the hard to buy for person in your life makes a beautiful and interesting piece for a desk or home.  8 cm x 8 cm octagon shaped box 4.5 cm deep. The quality of this piece is  excellent. 

Diamagnetism-  if you hang a wooden toothpick in a magnetic field, the ends will repel the field, and it'll end up aligning across the field. This is a convenient way to remember the name of this kind of magnetism, diamagnetism, since dia means "across," like the diameter measured across a circle. Diamagnetic materials will repel a magnet, and a diamagnetic compass will point across the magnetic field. That is, it will orient east west.

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