Chrysoprase and Sterling Sliver Earrings

Chrysoprase and Sterling Sliver Earrings

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Lovely sea-green Chrysoprase stones, each stone slightly different accentuating the uniqueness and beauty of each stone, with .925 Sterling silver leaves draped over the droplets of green stone. Earrings come in a elegant wood and leather box. Handmade by Australian designer Moondit Designs.  stones 2.5 cm long

Chrysoprase means "golden bloom" in Greek because of the golden droplets that sometimes appear in the stone. One of the most valuable and sort after stones of the middle ages. Chryprase symbolizes clarity of thought. It leads people to new intellectual approaches and calms them down and creates a harmonious effect on both body and mind. Combats high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. It also has a positive influence on glandular weakness and disorders.  

Its is an important stone for those born under the sign of Cancer for whom it provides a balance between the unconscious and the conscious.

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