Caribbean Dreams Red Coral and Turquoise .927 Sterling Silver Earrings

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 The true colour of  summer with Red Coral, Turquoise and  .925 Sterling Silver. Stand out with these fabulous earrings, go to the beach go dancing or just brighten your outfit  and make everyone envious! Earrings come in a elegant white leather and wooden book to keep your earrings safe.  Made and designed in Australia by Moondit Designs

2 cm long and 1 cm wide 

Coral healing properties - Coral protects against negative energy while also preventing loss of energy. That is why coral jewellery is recommended for menopausal women. Similarly it can prevent osteoporosis and also promotes healthy bone formation in children. It strengthens love and the need to for partnership and makes the wearer immune to envy and resentment.

Coral symbolizes joy and happiness. It enables the wearer to enjoy life. According to legend it consists of divine blood.

Turquoise symbolizes beauty, psychologically, it lifts depression, gives self-confidence and promotes endurance. Turquiose has long been considered a holy stone by the American Indians, who believe it was a magic stone providing protection against harm. 

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