Brass and Leather Binoculars in London 1917 Leather Case

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A incredibly well made pair of binoculars in the antiques style of a pair of  London opera binoculars, or marine style made with brass and encased in stitched leather. They have a brass handle for ease of use with 10 x 10 magnification, light and compact but with a real elegance that you don't see often these days.  They come in a handmade stitched leather case with a brass plaque on the lid saying - Victorian Marine Binoculars London 1917. On the front of the case is a picture of a ship imprinted on the case with lovely decals on each corner and the words - Victoria Brass Antique Binocular with special Antique Leather Case. FREE SHIPPING 

Binoculars - 9 cm wide  x 8.5 cm tall, In Case 11cm wide x 9 cm tall x 5 cm 

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