Wooden Boules Garden Game Set

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Boules has become as popular in the Australia as it is across the rest of the world. This a great one as a starter as its quite light weight and easy to use on flat service 3+ years By The Great Garden Games Co.

Contains 6 wooden Boules, 1 wooden Jack and Instruction Sheet. 

The objective is to throw or roll heavy balls (called boules in France, and bocce in Italy) as close as possible to a small target ball, called the jack in English.

Boules-type games are traditional and popular in many European countries and are also popular in some former French colonies in Africa and Asia. Boules games are often played in open spaces (town squares and parks) in villages and towns. Dedicated playing areas for boules-type games are typically large, level, rectangular courts made of flattened earth, gravel, or crushed stone, enclosed in wooden rails or back boards.

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