Blue FJ Holden Ute Model By Boyle Industries

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The classic light blue FJ Holden Ute  model is hand painted and manufactured by Melbourne company Boyle Industries to exacting standards giving the feel of the era of  cars from the 1950's. Made from tin each one is slightly unique.  30 cm long x 13 cm wide x  13 cm tall.  FREE SHIPPING  One week wait on shipping on this item.

Boyles's Automobelia - each one is hand-made. Every weld is done individually and then the item is hand-painted. Each item is unique and one if a kind piece.

The Holden FJ series is a range of motor vehicles which was produced in Australia by Holden from 1953 until 1956. The FJ was the second model of an "all Australian car" manufactured by Holden and was based upon the established 48-215 series, commonly referred to as the "FX".

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