Alias Board Game

Alias Board Game

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Alias is a hilarious game of verbal interaction to be played in teams of 2 or more players. Players need to know how to describe and explain a word on the card to their team so that one of them guesses the right word! Clues, synonyms and opposites may be used, but you are not allowed to mention the word itself. You have to be fast, too- the hour glass knows no mercy!

The words in Alias are used more of less everyday, how would you explain a simple word like chair? "A thing you can sit on"? This may not be enough, as a player might suggest a sofa or bench.

Alias is a game for adults, but can be played with children as well, Its a perfect game for students of all ages who are interested in playing with words.

Contents : Game Board, 400 cards with 3700 words to explain, 6 players pieces, 1 sand timer and rules. 7+ years, 4+players and 60+ Minutes

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