1933 Model T Old Yellow Taxi Cab Tin/Metal Model

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Detailed Yellow Model Cab made by Boyle Industries. Authentic yellow and black markings to resemble the original 1933 Model T Taxi Cab. Moving wheels and is  28 cm long and 13 cm wide

Each Taxi cab is hand made, every weld is done individually and then the Item is carefully hand painted. Each model is unique and one of a kind.

Terrific gift for an enthusiast of collectibles and car history. Also adds a touch of uniqueness to any home.

Motorized taxicabs began to appear on the streets of major cities from the early 1900s. Particularly in Chicago, where numerous railroads had terminals, there was considerable need for on-demand, point-to-point chauffeur-driven transportation. Hotels, department stores, and office buildings embraced the amenity, but often limited access to their facilities to a single cab company. Kickbacks were common, and the system favored larger operators, who had the financial resources to "play the game".

By 1920, there were two dominant taxicab companies operating in Chicago: Yellow Cab and Checker Taxi. Yellow Cab Company was founded in 1910 by John Hertz who subsequently established his own cab manufacturing business in 1917. Checker Taxi did not own its own cab manufacturing company, but principally used Mogul Cabs, manufactured by Commonwealth.

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