UGears Mechanical Flower Diorama Interactive Model

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 Build this enchanting wooden mechanical flower.  Brought to you by Stem Lab Ugears the world leaders in interactive diorama models. Made from wood no gluing needed.  Look stunning in any home and what a intriguing  talking point 

Elegant petals, pleasant smell of wood, with Ballerina & Tree of Luck for your favorite jewellery inside. If you turn the ring at the base of the flower, the petals open. Continue to twist the ring to close the flower. You can store and present sweets small items and jewellery inside the Flower-etui. FREE SHIPPING

The kit includes two stands of different shape: in the form of Ballerina and in the form of Tree of Luck for bracelets.

Number of parts: 101
Assembly time: 1-3 hour
Level: Easy
Model size: 13*13*16 cm

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