Absconding Addison The Kitchen Witch

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Absconding Addison belongs to the W.W.B which stands for Witches Without Brooms. Instead of a broom  Addison carries a handbag and she doesn't own a cat she has a big black hairy spider that she keeps in her handbag. Addison likes to escape from the other W.W.B's to do her own thing and is really looking for someone to elope with. She loves to dance and can keep dancing all night long. Kitchen witches hang in your kitchen and help inspire creative and successful recipes that always work bring loved ones together...

Addison wears a lovely pink dress with cherries and flowers, red shoes with stars, green and white gingham witches hat, gold wings and fur on her and hands and neck. She also carries and lavender hand bag to keep her spider in. 

34 cm tall x 7 cm wide in the body x 18 cm wide from hand to hand x 4 cm deep. 

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