BBC Doctor Who DVD Board Game

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Journey through space and time to save the Earth! Experience all the action with clips from the epic Doctor Who TV series! Take a trip with all Eleven Doctors and  companions- and confront the most fearsome monsters. Test your knowledge against your companions... and save the Earth from destruction! Select easy, medium or hard questions to play the game.  "Do you know how old The Doctor is?" "Who played the Fourth Doctor?" "What does TARDIS stand for?" "Who is the Doctor's ultimate enemy?" If you think you know it all....then think again...

Featuring TARDIS playing pieces! A Celebration of 50 Years BBC

Contents : 1 Doctor Who Board Game - 4 TARDIS Playing Pieces- 1 Numbered Die - 1 Challenge Die - 88 Question Cards-12 Time Travel Cards - Game Rules

Ages 8+ 

2+ Players or Teams

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