Burnt Orange Needle Agate Gemstone Necklace

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Stunning Needle Agate Necklace with its deep orange colour and .925 Sterling sliver carved cap with a delicate fine chain and square toggle clasp. Hand made by Australian Company Moondit Designs. Comes presented in a elegant leather and wood box. Making this piece a very special gift.

Needle Agate is 5 cm tall x 4 cm wide with chain 23 cm in length 

The chain is interchangeable. To chose a different chain just slide out and thread new one

Agate enables the wearer to choose between true friends and false ones. Its is said to avert storms and lighting, protects children from danger and brings prosperity and helps during pregnancy to alleviate discomfort and wards against miscarriages. 

Overcomes negativity. Heals emotions.  Agates are grounding healing stones, bringing about emotional healing, physical and intellectual balance. This healing gemstone aids in centering and stabilizing physical energy.

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