Odil Elf From The Grifferd Family Christmas Elf Range 35 cm Tall

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As his name suggests, follow Odil and you are sure to be on the right path! And that is very important, literally, if you are of the Animal, Elf or Fairy Folk for sometimes mischief happens, magic goes wrong and we don't always end up where we expected to be... The Gifferd Family are elves held in the highest esteem. Responsible for the protection of the entire North Pole and the safety of all its members regardless of species, this immaculate regiment is always in firm control. First cousins to the Gifferd Family Reds, it is the job of this family branch to ensure peace and harmony amongst all creatures for even in the North Pole, we don’t always get along all of the time. A keen sense of direction in all aspects, Odil will show the right path, we just hope those cheekiest beings choose to follow it. Odil is 35 cm tall,  FREE SHIPPING


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