Bing Boat Model Tin/Metal - By Boyles Automobelia

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This is a terrific model of the Bing Boat (refer to history below) perfect for a collector of nautical items or think beach house chic! Could be given to a child who loves boats ect Boat is very sturdy and has a rustic old look. Red detailing with brown and cream as the base for boat. touched off with gold on funnels and guard rails. Each item is hand made, every weld is done individually and then the Boat is carefully hand painted. Each item is unique and a one of a kind piece.

36 cm long, 25 cm tall and 11 cm wide

 Flying boatBing or Gebrüder Bing ("Bing brothers") was a German toy company founded in 1863 in ... road vehicles and boats. Steam engines were made throughout most the company's history  So this is a recreation of the Bing design for their toy boats.


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