Lyman H Howe's High Class Moving Pictures Reproduction Canvas Vintage Poster

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 This Large Vintage Collectible limited edition reproduction was an Advertising poster from 1898 for Lyman Howe's high class moving pictures.Vibrant colours and clear print and picture.  Produced on strong good quality canvas. The poster will come rolled, a impressive size of 120 cm tall x 88 cm wide perfect for a cinema room.

Lyman Howe created his own projector, the animotiscope with the help of an electrician. The animotiscope improved on previous motion picture projectors by incorporating a second take-up  reel, allowing for the showing of longer films. Howe showed his first movie in Wilkes-Barre in December 1896. This movie was based on some of Thomas Edison's films and incorporated a phonograph for sound effects. Howe continued to show films, most of which were newsreels, local movies, and travelogues There was a time when he used both the phonograph and his movies during his shows, but he eventually concentrated mostly on movies He was creating his own travelogues and newsreels by 1901. He was also the first person to incorporate backstage sound effects in his movies

An advertisement for Lyman H. Howe's "High-Class moving pictures"

Howe's movies were well received by the public.[2] Venues were often filled when he showed his movie.[4] By 1903, he controlled six traveling movie companies based in Wilkes-Barre.[8] Although most of his competitors went out of business with the rise of nickelodeons around 1905, Howe's film company continued to operate, primarily focusing on large cities.

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